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  To meet and exceed customers' requirements and to continually improve to deliver quality on time every time.

Ask: I am new in buying prints, where do I start
Reply: Do your research at the World Wide Web or better still, contact us.

Ask: I am not happy with my existing printers. I always get scolded from Production control for late deliveries. It affects the plans and schedules and cause our company to incur the wrath of our customers. 
Reply: This is nothing new. Most printers operate with very limited capacity and rely on extended workshops for a project.  Try us. We handle most projects in-house and we deliver on time every time. 

Ask: I am not happy with my existing printers. My superior is suspicious over  the prices that we are paying. How do I know what is the best rate? How do I explain to him?
Reply: Price is usually relative. Most people do not have the resources to determine what is the best price. The comparative approach is used;  like, requesting for a few quotes while feeling exasperated waiting for replies.

A cheap price does not indicate that you have cut a good deal. What is important is paying for the required quality and getting the required support & service. In printed products, the required quality is relative to the manner in which the final output is used. Choices in paper, inks, varnishes, and other featured elements contribute to cost that finds its way to price quotes. Big order quantity gives opportunities to producing at economies of scale. This translates into cheaper quotes. You can also help the printer to reduce their printing cost and have the gain passed over to you through open discussion and fair approaches.

If your boss is one that pays attention to social issues, the environment, and is concerned about how he supports businesses, then you might consider  printers having good code of  business practice. This usually comes with a price and is an attestation to you paying higher prices.

Ask: My existing printers are able to deliver on time. Price is reasonable but the quality is not consistent.  Colors are different.  Text is blurry.  It is ridiculous!.  Because of urgency, we have to sort and use them and put ourselves to bear with some quality sacrifice. A thorough waste of resources even with compensation from our printer. How do I control them?
Reply: Well, this sort of things do happen. At the printing machine, output rate are adjusted in conjunction with the complexities of the run and the urgency to deliver. If the quality system is weak, non-compliant color schemes, unauthorized inks going into paper, disappearance of authorized inks, etc can appear in a printed pile. If these non conforming units went undetected as it moved towards the final line, they get delivered. A good quality plan and quality program is a necessary part of the solution. Find a printer meeting the requirements of the ISO standards. 


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